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Anamnisis -Recollections of the Greek Community

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Anamnisis -Recollections of the Greek Community Empty Anamnisis -Recollections of the Greek Community

Post by Yorgo Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:13 am

ANAMNISIS : Recollections of a Greek Community

Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels
Nickos Kazantzakis (Greek Writer 1885 – 1957)

The Greeks were one of the earliest waves of immigration to West Melbourne, weaving the Greek story and the Greek identity into the very fabric of the area.

Now, with Melbourne the largest Greek community outside Athens, Anamnisis celebrates this community’s place in this country, whose culture and identity it has shaped.

Anamnisis is a contemporary collection of stories, photos, precious objects and the memories they trigger.

The exhibition will be a journey through memories and emotions, cultures and clashes. A range of objects will bring memories to life: a torn letter, a piece of handmade lace, a collection of coins, a religious icon, a voting slip, a treasured doll, a set of worn worry beads, a weathered photo, a crumpled passport, a ticket to a new life. Through these, Anamnisis shows the risks and rewards of being an immigrant in a new country.

This exhibition will grow through participation with the Greek community, with people sharing their stories, lending and being photographed with their objects and visitors reflecting on what it means to be Greek in Hobsons Bay today.

Greek migrants will be invited to share their own, or their ancestor’s recollections of coming to Australia or of growing up in Australia as a child or grandchild of Greek migrants.

Contributers will be informally interviewed and their stories recorded for written or filmed display. They will also be asked to provide an object that is a significant point of reference, inspiration or motivation for their story or journey.

The exhibition will also include a collaborative crochet project with participants creating a specific piece of crochet for display.

Anamnisis will be launched on Friday, 17th June at 7.00pm at the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre, 5 Sargood Street, Altona. The Gallery will come alive with Greek music, dancing, food and the stories of past and present life.

Hobsons Bay City Council and The Louis Joel Community Arts Centre are working in partnership to present this exhibition.

Collecting objects and interviewing participants: 4th April – 30th April

Where: The Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre, 5 Sargood Street, Altona

Exhibition dates: Saturday 18th June – Wednesday, 29th June

Launch: 7.00pm, Friday, 17 June

If you wish to be involved in this project please contact Tiffany Ball, Curator, on 0448 427 755 or email For those who wish to speak in Greek please contact George or Maroula Said on 9398 2921. For further information contact Arts and Culture, Hobsons Bay City Council on 9932 2001.


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