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Utilizing Rainwater

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Utilizing Rainwater Empty Utilizing Rainwater

Post by GeraldChristine Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:55 am

The requirement for water has been increasing with the rise in the number of apartments and people. It has become very important to save water from rain to meet the increasing needs. Each Kochi apartment is now installing the rain water harvesting system.

Rain water can be harvested for two purposes i.e. storing rain water for ready use in containers above or below ground or charged into the soil for withdrawal later which is called groundwater recharging. Rain water can be harvested from rooftops. Buildings with impervious roofs are ideal catchment areas and are effectively available free of charge and they provide a supply at the point of consumption. Paved and unpaved areas like landscapes, open fields, parks, storm water drains, roads and pavements and other open areas can be easily used to harvest runoff water. Collecting water from ground is particularly advantageous in areas of low rainfall. Water bodies like lakes, tanks and ponds also store immense rainwater. The harvested rainwater also recharges groundwater aquifers. There is generally a proper network of storm water drains in most of the residential colonies. They offer a simple and cost effective means for harvesting rainwater if maintained neatly.

Whether to store the water or recharge water depends on the rainfall pattern and the potential to do it in a particular region. To make the decision the sub-surface geology is also taken into consideration. In places like Kerala which experiences water fall through out the year except a few months, one can depend on small sized tank for storing rainwater. Recharging is not feasible in areas where the sub-strata is impermeable. Water can be stored in places where the groundwater is saline or not of potable standards.


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