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Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Forum Rules & Guidelines Empty Forum Rules & Guidelines

Post by Anthony Ang Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:23 am

To make this forum an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone, it is necessary to have rules and guidelines to which everyone must adhere to. These rules are not to deter anyone from participating but to enable the Moderators to act, when necessary.

What are not permitted

  1. No foul language, swearing and use of objectionable language.

  2. No inappropriate content including obscenity, sex, pornography, violence, extreme, dangerous or illegal behaviour.

  3. No links to offensive, pornographic, criminal-content, extremist, piracy-hosting and other objectionable websites.

  4. No hateful, threatening, discriminatory, intolerant, vilifying, insulting comments.

  5. No defamatory comments, baseless allegations or anything that violate the laws.

  6. No illegal content, including discussion on obtaining illegal and pirated softwares, music, movies, TV shows and other media.

  7. No discussion of illegal activities (criminal or civil), including evading police, bypassing toll, infringing copyrights, hacking, stealing information, euthanasia, suicidal methods, hooning, etc.

  8. No trolling, that is, a post intended to incite controversy/conflict, cause annoyance/offence, get attention, disrupt threads or make trouble.

  9. No religious debates.

  10. No commercial advertising, marketing, selling, business soliciting or spamming.

Posts/threads containing content of the above described nature will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be warned and may be banned from this forum.

Always contact Moderators if you encounter problems and to alert them of violations of the forum rules and etiquettes. Do not take things in your hands.

Forum Etiquettes

  1. Read and search before posting as your question might already be answered in another post.

  2. Post your topics/threads under the most relevant, suitable category/forum. Do not post the same thread in more than one forum.

  3. Use meaningful thread titles that will attract the right readers and make searching the forums much easier for others.

  4. Do not post off-topic comments with no relation to the thread’s subject.

  5. Cross-posting, i.e. posting the same comments more than once in a thread or in more than one thread, is not appropriate.

  6. If you are responding to someone else's comments, try to include a quote of their post, to provide context to other readers. But don't quote too much!

  7. Don't post/quote personal messages into a topic/thread – send a Private Message instead.

  8. Don’t post personal details such as phone numbers into a thread.

  9. If you disagree with someone on some points, please do not resort to name calling, personal attacks, abuse or insults, rather argue the merits of their points in a polite and professional manner, providing suitable supporting evidence as required.

  10. If someone insults or attacks you, do not respond in kind. Contact a Moderator.

  11. Excessive use of capitalisation of words and exclamation points are considered shouting and rude. Use bold and italics to emphasize the particular words instead.

  12. No plagiarism of materials not created by you, always give due credit. Cite the reference source (its URL), when you quote material from an outside source.

  13. Do not quote the whole article - Australian Copyright Act allows quoting up to a maximum of 10%. Quote only 1-2 relevant sections that highlight your point.

  14. Duplicate threads covering the same topics may either be closed or deleted to focus discussion in one thread, prevent forums being cluttered with multiple threads on the same topic and allow members to search for topics more easily.

  15. Posting pointless comments solely to increase post count is not appreciated and will receive warnings from the Moderators.

Disclaimers and Advice

  1. The discussions in this forum do not represent the views of the site.

  2. The site is not responsible for any accuracy of the discussions – read at your own discretion and judgement.

  3. Users are encouraged to seek their own professional, independent advice, particularly on financial, medical or legal matters, before making significant decisions based on what they read on this forum. The qualifications or motivations of the respondents are unascertainable and there is no way to judge whether a particular advice is unbiased, contains misinformation or is in your best interest.

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